Essential Things to survive Google Panda Slap

Surviving Google Panda Over the past few months we all have seen a dramatic fall in search engine rankings for many websites despite the size, age and popularity of the website. Be it Ezinearticles, or any other common website say

Initially people got confused with this dramatic change overnight, but later on they come to know that this is a Google Panda Slap due to which they have suffered. After 5 months of its launch, many people are still unaware of the techniques or things to avoid Google Panda Slap. So, I have tried to explain few essential things which can avoid Google Panda Slap and will help a site to regain its rankings.

Google Panda Update: Google Panda Update or Farmer Update was launched in February’ 2011. Its main purpose is to provide better search results to users and by penalizing or even removing low quality sites from its index.


  • Low Quality Content on site can cause the rankings fall. So, detect the problematic content and remove them.
  • Over all User Experience is another important factor. This includes design and usability, ad-to-content ratio, brand perception etc.
  • Give more importance to Social Media, as social media is key to spread your content to other users.
  • Just check whether the advertisements on website is obstructing visitors to quickly access the content.

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