Important things to know about Duplicate Content

Among online marketers, there is a predict the rumor that has become very widespread as of late. Part of the problem lies with article spinning software and how these programs are usually advertised.

What I am talking about is the so-called “duplicate content penalty”. Apparently, Google has some kind of an issue with copies of the same content when it finds them spread across several websites or on several pages of a single website. As the rumor goals, if the Google crawlers find this duplicate-content this will trigger some kind of a penalty. On a Side-Note, while I have seen dozens of mentions of the duplicate-content-penalty, I have yet to encounter a description of exact details, explaining what this penalty is and who it is that gets punished.

Don’t worry though, this is all just a baseless rumour. And it’s very easy to find proof against it. Here are some simple examples:

Press Releases:

Any time something important happens and the press release is published, the story gets republished by many news sites, large and small. Such stories and press releases are often also picked up by bloggers all across the Internet. In most cases, some or all of the original text of the initial press release is republished. Despite all this, news sites and blogs continue existing, unpunished by Google.

Viral Content And Memes:

Any time a piece of online content, be it the video, a joke, a meme or an image “goes viral”, it means nothing else than that this piece of content is being copied and republished on many sites all over the Internet. This is another clear example of duplicate content and there is no punishment in sight.

In the face of such evidence, how come the duplicate-content-penalty myth prevails?

The Misinterpretation:

One problem is that if you search for a piece of content that as many duplicates, the standard Google search results will only display one or two instances of this content. However, you can select an option in order to see all of the duplicates listed. The reason this happens is that Google wants to offer diverse and relevant results and if they presented you with several pages of duplicate entries, that would not be very useful. Keep in mind, though, that those sites that are not listed in the standard results are still indexed by Google, so they have not been punished or penalized in any way.

Of course, because fear sells, many article spinning programs make use of this myth in their sales process, trying to make you believe that you will get punished if you don’t rewrite your content before distributing it.

Article spinning does have it’s benefits and purposes, if it’s done correctly, but a duplicate content penalty has nothing to do with it.


Know About Internet Marketing Company

World has become global village and the main reason for such transformation is with the advancement of internet and media. The web plays a very important role in various aspects of our life now. Business activities through internet are becoming wide spread, easily done and comfortable. In fact the marketing of the different products and services through internet is termed as internet marketing. It is also called as i-marketing, web-marketing or online-marketing. There are numerous of companies in this particular field offering a loads of services in internet services. Each has its own website and facilities. But to compete effectively a websiteshould be attractively designed well and also optimized by the search engines.SEO services would help you attract heavy traffic to your website ultimately generating uncountable amount of clicks to your site. Bellow are the list of SEO services that almost all the internet marketing companies offer to their customers.

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Most of the internet marketing companies today are having a very good reputation and provide trustworthy services for their clients. The services include not only SEO optimized featuresbut also have some other features which are considered as standards in this business activity. Other features like affordable cost of services and higher profits. The internet web marketing services provide instant result also.For unsatisfactory results few companies also offer money back guarantee in other words if you are not satisfied with the service out put that they are providing then will refund the money you have paid. This enhanced feature made the fame of internet marketing companies into zenith than many service providing companies who justify themselves for their dis-satisfactory results. On ethical grounds and result oriented output is offered to the users. These companies enhance your business to be more efficient through effective web marketing.

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Be Careful Not to Make These Common SEO Mistakes

SEO is something anyone can master, but it’s easy to get confused about some of the details. So let’s discuss a few errors often made with SEO so you will know enough not to make them.

Many website owners make the mistake of “keyword stuffing, ” or using their keywords too often. Pay attention to your keyword density, preferably keeping it in the four to five percent range. If you are seen guilty of what is considered keyword stuffing your content, the search engines may penalize you and this can harm your ranking. Another thing to avoid is using keywords that are irrelevant to your site’s niche. When you write your content, focus on using different words and phrases here and there so you conform to the search engines Lateral Semantic Indexing (LSI) standards. So you have to be careful that you don’t engage in keyword stuffing, as the search engines will penalize you for this. Your usage of keywords is extremely important, so you should always do it with awareness. Avoid having the incorrect keyword density, as well as going off topic with your content. Make sure your most important keyword appears in the title and first sentence of your content. Attending to these matters is how you will be able to rank well for the long term. Marketing on the internet and search engine optimization are not strictly due to chance, the fields are a technology. Circumventing many of the mistakes outlined here can facilitate your business in continuing to move forward and obtaining the search engine results positioning for any key-phrases you dream of from writing pens to fluorocarbon fishing line gift idea.

It’s also common for SEO newbies to assume they can rank highly for their targeted keywords quickly and without making much effort at it. The Internet is full of courses promising a fast track to high rankings but, honestly, it takes hard work over time to build backlinks, add additional content, etc., which is the sole path toward obtaining and keeping a high rank. You’ll have to work hard over time to get steady results for your optimization efforts. Track your rankings on a schedule so you’ll be aware of what is working, what isn’t, and what to try next. A small change in rank can make a big difference to you, so you’ll want to know about all of them. Your time is valuable, so you’ll want to maintain your high ranking after you get there.

You should avoid the temptation of hiring SEO services that promise you a huge number of backlinks or top rankings very quickly. Such services almost always use underhanded techniques to get short term results for you. However, it’s only a matter of time before the search engines catch on, and then you’ll be worse off than before you started. Make sure you research any SEO service ahead of time and find out what kind of methods they use and try to get testimonials about them. Hiring an ethical service can be very helpful. Sensible Seo tactics, utilized smartly can easily result in desirable search engine results positioning for any kind of theme ranging from chocolate chip cookies to fluorocarbon fishing line.

In the end, search engine optimization is easy, but you have to learn some basics before you get started.

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